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Block Paving

We offer block paving to those in and around the area of Birmingham. Block paving is one of our chosen specialisms. Our years in the trade mean we offer the finest layups when it comes to this service. We have the ability to offer many types of lays, using the choice of different colours, and sizes that are available. We can lay this form of driveway quickly, ensuring you achieve a great schedule, quality of product, and design. If you would like more information on our block paving service, or would like to request a booking now, then please get in touch by phone or email.

Many Layups To Choose

The versatility associated with block paving provides you with an option that lets you pick a perfect match for your home. Allowing you to tie into your property, and create a great looking space. Some of the lay up options include:

  • Herringbone – A classic and robust pattern, the interlocking makes it robust in high volume traffic areas.
  • Basketweave – With an overall theme of paired rectangular blocks, it creates an intricate, visually appealing design.
  • Running Bond – A simple and elegant look that creates a linear pattern.
  • Circular – Eye catching focal points that radiate from a central focus point.

Built To Last

Block paving is well known for the durability that if offers its users. The materials used are robust in themselves, on top of their intrinsic strength, the pattern and interlocking then furthers the strength across the whole structure, so that the resulting product is a dependable surface for vehicles to be stored and moved upon.

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