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If you are looking for a patio installer in and around the area of Birmingham, then choose Arrow Paving as your preferred contractor. We can help you achieve the patio you dreamed of by both the footprint, and materials chosen to create your outdoor space. We always install high quality brands from reputable local suppliers that include Marshals, Brett, Bradstone, Brett, Stonemarket, and Hanson. Over the years, we have created great spaces for our customers to relax and function outdoors. While patios are often associated with summer, they also prove extremely useful in the winter months, offering access to outdoor spaces without getting muddy feet. Call or email us to create any patios and walkways you require.

The Installation Process

There are several steps associated with preparing a patio installation. These include:

  • Site preparation – Like most things, we begin with site preparation. In this case, we excavate and level the ground.
  • Base material installation – Compact gravel, or crushed stone is then laid to create a stable base and promote drainage.
  • Edge restraints – These help maintain the patios shape.
  • Sand bed – Sand is then used to create a level base that allows the paving slabs a to settle into.
  • Paver laid – The paving slabs are then laid to create the correct pattern.
  • Cutting & edging – Any slabs requiring cutting are performed and laid to create a finished look.
  • Compaction – This helps the pavers embed themselves in the sand.
  • Joint sand – Sand is then swept over the patio and swept into the gaps to help lock them in place.
  • Tidy – Of course, no service is complete without a good clean up afterwards.

Personalised Spaces

When we help you create such a space, we will take in to consideration how you use your garden, your preferred deadline, and budget. From here, we will simply draw up a plan of works to achieve the specification you require.

Get In Touch With Arrow Paving Today

Get in touch by phone or email to book any of our services. We will be happy to visit your property and assess the potential project before producing a free, no obligation quotation.

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